Example # 1: APOLLO 11

Question # 1:

Did NASA tell us about the APOLLO-11-Command Module (CM) allegedly returning from the Moon in 130 km above Earth that it has a mass of 5486 kg and a velocity of 11200 m/sec?

Answer # 1: Yes.

Question # 2:

Does the formula of Newton for the kinetic energy with this mass and this velocity for the alleged CM give a cinetic energy of 345 GigaJoule?

Answer # 2: Yes.

Question # 3:

Did NASA communicate how the alleged CM during its flight from 130 km down to Earth in 29 minutes could have delivered its energy of 345 GigaJoule to its environment to safely land with 0 m/sec velocity?

Answer # 3: No.

Question # 4:

Is there a known process which would make it possible for a spaceship without a rocket engine and fuel to deliver per minute (345:29=) 11,89 GigaJoule to its environment without suffering damage?

Answer # 4:  No.

Question # 5:

Can a spaceflight like the alleged APOLLO-11-flight have happened, if for its Re-entry no procedure is known and NASA did not inform the public about such a procedure?

Answer # 5:  No.


Balthasar, January 1st, 2017

German version see: Deutsche Version

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