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English translations of selected articles, originally published in German between 2016 and today on Balthasar’s blog. This is a work in progress.

Why do we start this English Department?

The cause of triggering off this „English Department“ is the fact that we have had all these years also visitors from all over the world. We see a certain international general interest in criticism of space flight. Since this criticism on the international internet does not seem to be presented very often and not very intensively, people take a look at Balthasar’s German blog which by the time evidently has become a center of criticism of space flight.

Our position on „space flight“

If one looks to the results of a search with „criticism of space flight“ on the internet, one has the impression that they discuss only 3 questions:

(1) Will there be space flight to the stars?

(2) Is manned space flight really worth the funds of money if one can find the same scientific insights by unmanned automated roboter space flight?

(3) Should the money be spent better for social purposes?

But quasi nobody discusses the interesting and decisive question if manned space flight is even physically possible! NASA purports that the possibility of manned space flight has been proved by their successes culminating in moon landing! But criticism has found out by 2012 (Anders Björkman) that there cannot be a safe „re-entry“ to Earth because of the cinetic energy of a space craft returning from space: the space ship of APOLLO 11 for example would have had an energy of more than 300 GigaJoule!

Where do these gigantic cinetic energies come from? It is the start energy, to arrive in space. The flight in space is without loss of energy. The gigantic energy of the start is being preserved and at re-entry the cinetic energy of the spacecraft cannot be dispersed to the surroundings. So every spacecraft returning with cosmic speed would burn up like a meteor. That’s why nobody goes flying at cosmic velocities into an orbit above the Karman line. NASA’s pretended manned space flight never happens, is pure hoax and scientific blunder. It works only as a Tabu internationally obeyed.

We start with only few articles

Before starting this English Department we had already presented English translatations of 6 articles: they are now the basic fund which will be enriched by more translations of a selection of articles. We present them in strict chronogical order of publication date of the translation, with short annotations as to their subjects and the correct original title of the German article with link to its text.

Limited purpose

But we have to advise our readers as to the limited purpose of our translations. For greater comfort of the reader, we have decided to translate the articles completely into English – with exception of the graphics. As a consequence, the complex structure of technical articles with (1) statements of the author, giving (2) sources in different languages, (3) summarizing their content with our own words or (4) citing these sources word-for-word and (5) illustrating the text by graphics with German explications, all these different status in the text are no more visible in the translation or indicated only through the quotation marks.

Therefore our translations only give an informational overview for the reader, but cannot serve as source for any critical discussions about the author’s text and citations and their specific meanings. In such cases of controversial discussions one has to turn to the original German version available on our blog.

Online translation services

For the new translations of our articles we would like to inform our readers that we, as no native English speakers, have used the support of online translation services. Nonetheless we had to decide about the final text, so the responsibility for these versions is completely ours, possible mistakes inclusive.


2017, 1. Jan. – Manned Space Travel, the short version (1): 5 questions, 5 answers – The alleged „Moon landing“ of 1969: Did NASA tell us about the APOLLO-11-Command Module (CM) allegedly returning from the Moon in 130 km above Earth that it has a mass of 5486 kg and a velocity of 11200 m/sec?

2017, 26. April – Manned Space Travel, the short version (2): 6 questions, 6 answers – ISS in cosmic radiation: Do they measure 11 microsievert per hour on intercontinental flights for example from London to Chicago? What does this mean for the ISS?

2017, 15. Dez. – Information about our Open Letter to Pope Francis of 12. October 2017 – Conversation of Pope Francis with the astronauts on the ISS on the 26. October 2017

2018, 13. Juni – „Rats … Cosmic Radiation Turns Hair Grey!“ – We found the interesting report on the 1955 results of David Simons experiments with mice on an helium balloon at 30 km altitude for 30 hours. When will they do this experiment on the ISS?

2018, 27. Juni – But I have seen the ISS myself! – What we see: the „ISS-NASA-Object“ – Who tells us what it „is“: NASA! – Do we understand what it really is?

2018, 22. Nov. – How do NASA and Elon Musk fly into the orbit around other planets? – The decisive characteristic of the orbit flight is a round or elliptic course in a plane that passes through the center of the planet. Can any space probe from Earth reach such a plane of a permanently moving planet or moon?

2022, 3. March. – Why is Nicola Baumann quitting astronaut training? – „Withdrawal from astronaut training: Nicola Baumann does not want to be the first German woman into space after all“. – „She had prevailed against 400 competitors, now she’s quitting.“

2022, 22. Sept. – Enlightenment about 3 taboos: JFK, APOLLO, 9/11
Report on the criticism of major taboos and their destruction with proof from all sources – 86 Seiten. – This translation is not an article of the blog, but available only as a pdf-file for download from our download page.

The original German version of July 11, 2021 titled „Aufklärung über 3 Tabus: JFK, APOLLO, 9/11“ is also available as pdf-file for download – 83 Seiten.


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