„Rats … Cosmic Radiation Turns Hair Grey!“

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On the 18. February 2018 Balthasar sent 2 emails to a magazine and the author of a very interesting article. Until today we did not receive any response from the two addressees. We published the text of the emails only as appendix to the following article of 21.2.18:

Kriegen schwarze Mäuse auch auf der ISS ein graues Fell?


After 4 months of no answers we now decided to publish the text of the emails as an indipendent article of general interest to the public. We print the text from our article, with remarks in German remaining untranslated.


The Text of the Emails

[Text from our article]
Emails von Balthasar, 18.2.2018

Ref: „Rats … Cosmic Radiation Turns Hair Grey!“

Hello, professionnels at Space Safety Magazine,

Hello, professionnels at Moonandback

we found your interesting report on the 1955 results of David Simons experiments with mice on an helium balloon at 30 km altitude for 30 hours:

Space Safety Magazine, 25. März 2014
„Rats … Cosmic Radiation Turns Hair Grey!“
By moonandback on March 25, 2014

Would you please one day report on the human mice (socalled „astronots“) on the famous ISS ten times higher than the balloon of Dr. Simons in 1955 and staying there – as we are told – half a year on socalled „long stage missions“, that is roughly some 90 times longer than the animal mice of Dr. Simons.

We would be interested not only to know the colour of the hair of the human mice after 180 days but their well beeing in general. The supposed Astronots who go around on earth after 180 days on the ISS cannot have been there because of the already small effect of 30 hours in 30 km altitude to mice. But although our German hero Alexander Gerst is now having a bald head: we suspect the real effects on the ISS would be more serious.

We have a blog in German:
and we advise you that since about 2010 the world of space has changed decidedly because of two proofs published on the internet:

Anders Björkman has proven that since 1961 (Gagarin) no space craft can have made
a „re-entry“ to earth because of lack of fuel to brake from the cosmic velocities:

„The Human Space Travel Hoaxes“
Divided into 3 pages; Apollo 11 and re-entry on page 2.

– We have published in German the proof that the alleged official NASA radiation dosis for the ISS with 12 Microsievert per hour cannot be real because this is already the regular radiation dosis on transatlantic flights from London to New York.

„Mit 1,8 Millisievert zum Mond und zurück
oder Die bemannte Raumfahrt im Licht der kosmischen Strahlung“ – 2016
[Actual addition: This link is no longer valid; it has been changed to:

Furthermore another critic, Siegfried Marquard, has calculated the Sievert dosis for 4 different interplanetary space situations. They reach terrific Sievert dosis: Each example has the following data:

(1) Particles per m² and second.
(2) Energy per particle, eV.
(3) Dosis in Millisievert per hour.
(4) Dosis in Sievert per day.

Example # 1:
850 Protons / 0,6*10^15 eV / 4280 Millisievert per hour / 102,7 Sievert per day.
With illusiory shielding of 90 percent: remain 10 percent, same effect.

Example # 2: / 10^7 eV / 697 Millisievert per hour / 16,7 Sievert per day.

Example # 3:
690.000 / 8.5*10^15 eV / 710 Millisievert per hour / 1,71 Sievert per day.

Example # 4:
Different situation:
Particles per m³: 5.000.000 per cubic meter.
Energy per particle: 5*10^13 eV.
Spaceship flies 800.000.000 meter (to the moon and back)
Spaceship meets 270.000.000 times the particles.
Calculation energy: 270.000.000*5*10^13 eV = 2200 Joule per 8-days-fliegt.
Calculation Joule per person (70 kg): 2200:70 = 31,4 Joule = 31,4 Sievert per 8 days.
Calculation dosis per hour / per day: 31,4:192 = 163 Millisievert per hour = 3,91 Sievert per day.

We have reported these results of Siegfried Marquardt in our blog article of 8. Nov. 17:
„Marquardts „Apollolüge“ jetzt als Taschenbuch“

[Anmerkung v. 15.8.2020:
Siegfried Marquardts Untersuchung
„Die ganze Wahrheit über die Apollolüge“
kann als pdf-Datei ab sofort in 2 Ausgaben von 2009 und 2019 von der Downloadseite dieses Blogs heruntergeladen werden. URL der Downloadseite:
https://balthasarschmitt.wordpress.com/eine-seite/downloads/ ]

Which radiation surrounding would you suppose for APOLLO 11 who after 8 days returned well and safely after these possible dosis possibilities for the whole trip:
821 Sievert – 133 Sievert – 13,6 Sievert – 31,2 Sievert
and without any brakes abord!

You have the choice! You be the judge! What is your opinion?

How many particles, how much energy, how many Sievert?

We think, you as professionals should have knowledge of these results to be able to cope with the consequences before the general public will take notice.

We would appreciate every comment from your knowledge and experience, especially your answer to our question on the analogue human mice experiment on the ISS.

To let participate the general public at this proposed discussion we publicize this email as OPEN LETTER on our blog.

Balthasar Schmitt
[End of the email-text.]

Da beide Adressaten an eine reale bemannte Raumfahrt glauben, erwarten wir nicht, eine Antwort zu erhalten. Aber vielleicht werden sie die Idee eines analogen Experiments in ihrer ISS durchdenken? (Since both addressees believe in real manned space flight we do not expect to receive an answer. But perhaps they will ponder the idea of an analogue experiment on their ISS?)

B., 21. Februar 2018
[End of the blog-article of 21.2.18.]

B., 13. Juni 2018

Information about our Open Letter to Pope Francis of 12. October 2017

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Since our Open Letter to Pope Francis has been written in German, we addressed the Administration of Communication of the Vatican in an English language email of 15 October 2017 to its Director Mons. Dario Viganò to inform him about our Open Letter.

Herewith we share the text of this email with our international public to give all readers an idea of our initiative in English:


REF Conversation of Pope Francis with the astronauts on the ISS on the 26. October 2017

Von <balthasar.schmitt [ @ ] posteo.mx>
An Mons. Dario Vigano <spc [ @ ] spc.va>
Datum 15.10.2017 15:29


Balthasar Schmitt, 15.10.2017
Email: balthasar.schmitt (@) posteo.mx
Blog: https://balthasarschmitt.wordpress.com/

Stato Città Vaticano
Segreteria per la Comunicazione
Mons. Dario Viganò, Prefetto
Via della Conciliazione 5, 00120 Città del Vaticano
E-mail: spc (@) spc.va

REF: Conversation of Pope Francis with the astronauts on the ISS – International Space Station on the 26. October 2017

Dear Monsignore Viganò,

we wish to inform you about our OPEN LETTER of 12.10.17 to Pope Francis, written in German and published on our Internet Page:

Muß Papst Franziskus jetzt dran glauben: an den NASA-ISS-Betrug?
Offener Brief (12.10.17) von Kritikern der bemannten Raumfahrt an den Papst – Wird Papst Franziskus am 26. Oktober 2017 um 17 Uhr den NASA-ROSKOSMOS-ESA-Betrug „ISS“ absegnen?

Since 2010 critics of the NASA projects of manned space flight have provided and published conclusive proof of the impossibility of manned space-travel: there is no re-entry, and there is no protection against cosmic radiation. As a consequence all pretended human space flights in orbits above the 100 km altitude (Karman line) of NASA, ROSKOSMOS, ESA and other national „space agencies“ must be considered as malicious deceit and a fraud against the general public from the beginning in 1961 with the pretended flight of Gagarin until the ISS today.

The powers that be and all vested interests and the mass media prevent information and discussion of these findings of the critics. Instead, the mass media produce illusions and push euphoria about space travel to an extreme delusion and insanity every day.

On this line we see the project of a conversation of Pope Francis with the pretended astronauts on the pretended ISS as a publicity move to gain the authority of the Pope and the Catholic Establishment worldwide as support of human space travel – which in reality does not exist.

Therefore with our Open Letter we would like to ask Pope Francis for the following initiatives:
– to subject the proof against manned space travel (as given in our letter) to an examination by scientists of the Papal University;
– if the scientists conferm the rationality of the arguments against manned space travel: to suggest an open and free information and discussion about the critics‘ findings, and not lend any authority of his High Office to a more than questionable activity not before a scientific judgement about the critics‘ proofs has been given;
– to ask the astronauts three questions: about their actual position in space and the daily readings of their dosimeters.

We ask you kindly to forward our Open Letter to Pope Francis. We have great respect for his ideas and achievements, and we see our request of free public information about rational criticism fully in line with his public statements.

We would consider a confermation of receipt for this email as a great favour for our request.

For greater convenience we append the text of our Open Letter as pdf-file to this email:
Offener Brief an Papst Franziskus – 171012 – Betreff ISS.pdf

Balthasar Schmitt